September 8, 2008

Help Us Make A Brief Hybrid Workshop About Compassonate Poineers

In conjunction with our new Compassionate Pioneer blog, we're also working on a Compassionate Pioneer Brief Hybrid Workshop. Take a look at the outline below and let us know what you think. We could also really use your help creating an eClip that will be part of the Brief Hybrid Workshop. See the bottom of this post for more on what you can do.

Outline for Compassionate Pioneer Brief Hybrid Workshop

Introduction to the BHW
Leader outlines the BHW to the participants (i.e. "We'll watch a short eCip, then break up into small groups for five minutes of discussion and brainstorming time and we'll end with another short eClip).

Play eClip #1
"Who are Compassionate Pioneers?"
This eClip will combine Gabcast recordings of 5 to 10 people describing a compassionate pioneer and his or her act of compassionate pioneering. These stories will be intercut with images of the Compassionate Pioneer they are describing as well as other visuals that highlight the themes of compassionate pioneering.

Break into groups. Spend 2-3 minutes thinking of and discussing someone who exemplifies the idea of compassionate pioneering. Then spend 3-4 minutes thinking of and discussing someone who is an "unsung compassionate pioneer." Someone whose small act of compassionate pioneering may have gone under the radar, but is worthy of mentioning because it was helpful or meant a lot to you or someone you know.

Play eClip #2
"Nominate a Compassionate Pioneers"
This eClip will introduce the Compassionate Pioneer Blog and how to nominate a Compassionate Pioneer to be featured on the blog. It will also detail the free 6-month individual TLT Group membership that any featured Compassionate Pioneers will receive. The eClip will end with a link to a nomination form.

Do you have a story about a Compassionate Pioneer?
If you do, we would love to use it in the eClip we're making! The stories should be short and focus on a specific act of compassionate pioneering. And by short we mean 30 seconds to 2 minutes tops. If you have pictures of the compassionate pioneer in your story (the more the better), we'd love if you could send us copies! Email them to You can record your story over the phone with the help of Gabcast. Here's how.

September 6, 2008

Nominate! Learn! Teach!

Do you know any "compassionate pioneers?" They're the frequently unsung heroes of the education world who are not just the first to reach beyond themselves to develop or try new things, but also encourage and help others to do the same.

The TLT Group has been encouraging the recognition of these compassionate pioneers and collecting their stories. Now, we are taking that recognition to another level by starting a Compassionate Pioneers blog (this lovely thing you are looking at right now). About once a week, we will feature a new person and his or her accomplishments in compassionate pioneering. This will garner these leaders some much deserved praise, and hopefully encourage and inspire the rest of us to do small acts of compassionate pioneering in our every day lives.

But before we can get started lauding these everyday innovators, we need you to nominate them! Please take a moment to think about the people in your life who tend to be both innovators and collaborators, and nominate them to be featured on the Compassionate Pioneers blog. Fill out this form to let us know who he or she is as a big first step to recognizing another compassionate pioneer in the education community. If you know more than one person, you are more than welcome to fill the form out more than once.

The easy to fill out form can be found here:
(Your information will visible only to select employees of the not-for-profit TLT Group and will never be sold to any outside agency or used to spam you.)

More information on the TLT Group's work to encourage compassionate pioneering can be found here:

And the TLT Group's homepage, from which infinite resources can be found if you dig, can be found here:

Thank you, and keep your eyes peeled in the next few weeks for our first compassionate pioneer! Or, always be alerted when we update by subscribing to the feed using the pull down menu below "subscribe to this blog" on the right.